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          1. Landlord Support Center

            Here you’ll find resources, contact information and much more to make your life as a Landlord easier. If you can’t find what you need, please contact us at financialleaseadmi@starbucks.com and we’ll be happy to help further. Please note all the content on this site applies to our U.S. and Canada stores only.

            1. EFT & Direct Deposit

              We are encouraging our landlords to utilize electronic payments. This will ensure payment is on time as long as there is an active bank account. Setting up is quick and easy!

            2. Contacting Starbucks

              Starbucks Mailing Address & Contacts, Responding to a Notice, Reporting an Issue

            3. Account Management

              CAM/Year-End Reconciliations, Monthly Escrow Adjustments, Landlord Updates: Ownership, Addresses & Contacts, Estoppel/SNDA Processing, Set Up Electronic Payments, Insurance Inquiries

            4. Landlord Billing & Payment

              Billing & Payment Information, Default Notices, Monthly Rent Issues